City of Monroe

Cycle through Georgia History in Monroe

Monroe is full of southern history spanning the life of our nation.  Monroe is known as the city of Governors, having been home to eight governors through the years.  Of the eight who called Monroe home, seven were Georgia Governors and one Texas Governor.

Today Monroe is best known as the city of antiques and weddings.  Home to one of the largest antique malls in the southeast.  Downtown Monroe boosts of over 10 antique shops and over 6 wedding venues.

Antiquing is only one way to experience history in Monroe.  visit the Monroe Project Road Share Trail-Head and you will not only find maps to our bike routes but you will also find a map outlining our historic wellness walk through downtown. 

For more hands-on history just outside of downtown


William Harris Homestead

Monroe, visit the William Harris Homestead.  An award winning Georgia landmark listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.  The Homestead features an 1825 log house and outbuildings, lush gardens and stunning landscapes.  It  is also a Project Road Share site.

Monroe, like many other small towns across America, has benefited from the trend of downtown preservation and revitalization.  Over the last 10 years Downtown Monroe has exploded with shops, restaurants and other small businesses.  Monroe has also quickly become a favorite filming venue for the newly exploded film industry in Georgia. The locals have become very accustom to rerouted traffic and watching the downtown being transformed overnight to a another place and time.


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